sylvester the jester: the real live cartoon


you read that correctly, Sylvester the Jester: the real live cartoon. I first came along Sylvester the Jester on TV  Back in High school,  one of my passions and hobbies is juggling and magic (aside from the Saturday morning cartoons and comics). I use to watch this great documentary television series about magic and the history of magic from card tricks- to freak shows- to comedy magic. I cannot remember if it was A&E or Discovery and  I cannot find a copy of the show anywhere for the life of me and this wasnt that long ago(you;d think it would be available online somewhere).

Sylvester the Jester Showed up on the episode involving the history of comedy Magic. There he performed like he found The Mask of Loki from the popular Jim Carey movie and became a living cartoon! It was amazing thing to view.
I watch the episode as he pulled his tongue out (including sound effects) , bulging eyes like He was in a  Tex Avery cartoon, and even pulling a ten foot wooden pole/ mallet out of his hat! It was unbelievable!
The man has quite a history in magic and even sells some of his famous tricks and "inventions" that allows him to perform like he was a student  at acme acres Looneversity!The are available on his website. While Many magicians these days try to act like a reject from Twilight(..*Criss Angel *cough*cough*) Sylvester the Jester keeps with the tradition Tex Avery/ Looney Toons style of performance.

Seriously, the guy has all the classic: acme anvils, vaults fall on his head and then he comes out the door flattened, bulging eyes, jaw dropping and many many more!

You can view his website HERE for much more detail information  about the living cartoon.