funny comicbook fails: uh...archie's comic code my ass

thats right archies comics the jerks that destroyed comics with ridiculous censorship until the 80's were not so observant with there own panels I see...somehow the artists and writters managed to secretly (if intentionally) put such hidden "fails" within there panels in the comics and it still passed the comic book code authority.  granted they make better sense altogether but when you look at this  one panel...what goes through your mind? really....

King of cartoons presents-Fleischer Cartoon - The Cobweb Hotel



Todays Golden age cartoon is The fleicher Cartoon  classic The Cobweb Hotel. Came out in 1936 by the famous fleicher animation company that brought us the first superman animated cartoon  and the disney famed rotoscoping . so sit back and enjoy one of my all time favorite golden oldies


Weekly Retro Cereal: donkey Kong

King of kong was a documentary about the greatest donkey kong players in the world. I wonder if they ate this cereal... 
with the early/mid 80's came the  huge breakthrough in the video game market! if it wasnt for the 80's gamers we wouldn't have the games we do today. With the video games came marketing potential and this was one of them. donkey kong cereal was made in 1982 and for some reason i remember seeing it but according to resources it was only around for abotu a year...maybe i imagined it .  from what is said of this cereal is that it tasted alot like captain crunch and the cereal pieces were shaped like barrels.
*fast fact- mario wasnt called mario originaly nor was he a plumber, if anything his name was jump man and he was a construction worker tryign to save his floozy*