Ninja turtle new toon and Fan Film

That's right as some of you know Nickelodeon has purchase the rights to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and have begun production of a new series...one which i have only seen a poster and video. Which neither look alike at all. Its really getting confusing as to if and when this will ever be out. One thing I'd like to note  is since the creation of the turtles, it seems Michelangelo's weapon (most recognized as the nunchaku) changes constantly.
The turtles have been around since
the year after I was born and evolved and grew. Though the turtles are not as big as they were in the 80's and 90's they are still around to date. Through the ages Michelangelo didn't always have nunchaku. Being a amateur Martial artist and nunchaku are what I call my signature weapon as well (it was actually the last item I purchase before living Tokyo). But his weapon are usually some kind of hybrid of the nunchaku. Tonfas are a big one seen in the original comic and in the live action "Next mutation." The Original Animated series had switch them out around the 2 or 3rd season to a grappling hook that looked like a shell. In the newer "tmnt" series we see the nunchaku back but they  did (as a little homage really ) the shell grappling hook when Mikey was the "Turtle Titan.

Also they change his weapons during the  " Lost season " episodes (none of these so called lost episode cartoons are really lost they just don't air them right away...capitalism at its bet lol). Now there is a new weapon which seem a little unconfirmed. in the teaser trailer it seems that its kusari-gama but in the picture (also drawn completely different then the teaser) has a chain weapon kusarifu-fundo. Whatever the weapon maybe I am quite excited.

 On a similar note, I had discovered a tmnt fan film trailer that is quite amazing actually! It's available on YouTube and a must see.it's quite something when you see such quality in a zero budget fan film.the film is called Fight  The Foot (which you can view on YouTube or the YouTube video below)