Ninja Turtles Webcomic

Turtles will always be the Ichiban- most famous of all the nostalgia cartoon/ products of the 80's and 90's! Ninja were a legend and to this day are still around in fact another series is out much like the tmnt back in 2004 to last year with tmnt forever its a new take of the turtles (trying to get away from the campiness of the old show though it was a classic). I will discuss more about the shows and  the like later on a Saturday postings in the future (so be on the look out.)
What I want to show you all is one of my favorite web comics to date. It has been out for quite some time and sadly doesn't get updated on a weekly or even monthly basis  as other web comics do. its very detailed series so I think that intentional , plus  the guy is doing it for free on his own time so whatever right? It's called Ninja turtles gaiden and the idea is that its Set in the future where the turtles are no longer teenage but are still mutant of course. Master splinter is dead and the turtles have disbanded. Raphael is training a mysterious young new Mutant Turtle found after a bizarre killing of a high school student and has somehow become that student (don''t ask as far as I'm concerned his soul is in him). Anyway I've enjoyed it thus far and have been reading it since 2008 or  so. the series is really a nice combination of all the turtles incarnations referencing the Archie comics, the tmnt cartoon in the 2000's to even the original cartoon and comics in the 80's. its more violent then the cartoons though. It's really a treat to read when he gets the comics out though it tends to take a long time. As someone who also has been working on his own ninja turtle based stories for my own comics its worth reading and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that only my ninja turtle PJ's  could give me when I was a kid.
check it out for yourself:
I encourage everyone to enjoy it free and really should be its own comic


I am going to try and eventualy set up a series of questions in a chance to interview the author of this webseries. lets hope he answers his mail