after school was where kids ruled

well after some thought I decided to post Friday, Saturday and Sundays  leaving Monday -Thursdays open for creative juices to flow.
Saturdays will be the the largest amount of postings and articles including even some done by others wanting to share there experiences and memories and reviews. Eventually this will all lead up to a web page in the next year.
The reason for this decision is simple though Saturday mornings  was the most memorable time with a large number of cartoons, there was another time. After school Television, just like Saturday mornings many  channels on TV for usually 1-2 hours had there own line up of cartoons. basically kids got home parents where likely working and supper in the west wasn't for another few hours.  One of the most rememberable after-school lineups was the Disney afternoon.

It first aired September of 1990 and ran up until 1997 and was a 2hour line up of Disney's cartoon series at the time.  from Gummi Bears to Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles to Chip and Dale, all of them aired at one point or another on this line up. Eventually Disney even began to air at the end of the 90s a Saturday morning line-up known as Disney's one Saturday morning, showcasing their experimental and new kids shows outside of the usual Mickey Mouse inspirations. Shows like Doug, Pepperanne, Weekenders and the many more.

The  two-hour block was broken up into four segments. As each season ended, the first cartoon shown in the lineup would typically be dropped and a new one added to the end. Sometimes the shows were canceled, but usually aired at different times such as Saturdays on other channels. The Disney Afternoon itself featured unique animated segments consisting of its own openings, commercials, hosts and "wrappers"
like all good things it came to an end it also seems like once Disney stopped showing these, children also forgot  them as well...Seriously, there are kids that can't even tell what  mickey mouse or any of the famed trademarks look like or is!
Afternoons where a fun time, lets face it school wasn't fun for all of us and we all just wanted to get home to kick off the old shoes and watch alittle Darkwingduck and Talespin!