The Original voice of sonic returns. Urkel's return as sonic the hedghog

That right folks Sonic the hedgehog is Currently getting a independent live action fan film. Oddly enough , usually fan films are the best films in respect to the adaptation (not budget and sfx). mostly, I believe, its because they have nothing to loose.  Now thanks to the sonic team they are getting a live action fan film which need help getting funding but that's not the good news. The Good news is is that Jaleel White,  also known as Steve Urkel, will be reprising his role as the speedy blue hedgehog.  Urkel...Uh I meant White(who is black??) was a legend both in animation and television for being the voice of sonic and the every famous nerd of all time Steve Urkel on family matters. There's not a whole lot released on the official website but through searching the blogs I had foudn they posted some images of the concept art for sonic.

And yes it is official on both Urkels and the fan film's website that he is playing the voice of sonic once again and good for him taking his time out of his life to do something for little to no money. It really looks like a labor of love here folks and its obvious the Family Matters star really had love for this character.

but if you still don't believe follow the links to the websites below and look at the YouTube clip for yourself.
(Granted many of you already know all this info but I'll keep you all posted as we learn more)