Acme Ray Gun...er I mean ray gun-PEN!

Yes, the classic acme ray gun seen used by such classic looney tunes characters like Marvin The Martian or the ever lovable Duck Dodgers ,is now available in pen form!  Well its not exactly as seen on all the shows but the second you look at it all you can think of is a retro cartoon ray gun
The Acme Ray Gun Pen can be yours for the not so Low price of $129.95!! (I know right, but if I had 130 bucks to burn I would consider it.)

to check out the store selling this beauty hit here.  For those who prefer you ray guns in paper form here is my favorite paper craft from the creators of the great venture brothers follow the link for the paper craft :

click for the papercraft

( I know I said I'd post regularly on the weekends but right now in order to get more availablity through search engines and lack of viewers I will post randomly throughout the week but the larger number of post will be on the weekend)