Beladed Mel Blanc birthday wish May 30th

Mel Blanc, "The Man with a thousand voice", was born 1908 May 30th. He was of course famous for doing a voice (if not all ) for almost every cartoon up until 1980's. Mel Blanc Passed away 1989 at the ripe old age of 89.  Mel of course was most fammed for the voice of Bugs Bunny and the entire looney toon cast but also well known for his voice work with every cartoon from hannah barbara cartoon to tex avery and even some disney cartoons. apparently his Last name was originaly Blank but change to blanc though, thats the french word for white (C would be silent).

Mel may be recognised most for looney toons  and beign the voice of Bugs Bunnny but he will always be CAPTAIN CAVE MAN to me! ---------------->
what do I know right I learned all my french from peppi le peu anyway...oh wait he was the skunk too? damn!