the weekly Retro Cereal box: Morning Funnies

So I decided that being called the cereal box and being about Saturday morning and nostalgia. I will post a Cereal box once a week to really bring back that retro feel. some times I will Post information on it. Sometimes It will be just a picture of the box and I will leave it for you to comment on it. Whatever it is and whatever i decide to do I hope you enjoy!  the first one here, which I have been searching for years to find it, is one I remember as a child but haven't been able to find it ...Seriously! It's been on my mind since I was 15 (I'm 27 now)! Thank you Internet, it took forever, but I found pictures of the box aaaaand here it is!

That's right "Morning Funnies" , I thought it was fitting for being a retro Saturday cartoon morning blog and my first post. I've been trying to find this cereal for years just to tell my friends about it.  They never understand when I try to explain it to them. As an aspiring cartoonist, I think this may have assisted with me wanting me to pursue that as a career. Sadly, like the Sunday funnies that arrived in the newspaper every week and like Saturday morning cartoons this cereal also has disappeared.(I hope that I will at least make it as a cartoonist/comic artist one day)
wow i remember dennis the menance do you?
The  packaging allowed the back flap of the box to be opened revealing additional comic strips, different on each edition of the cereal box. Poor sales and negative consumer reaction led to the cereal being discontinued in 1989. Oddly enough, it was this company that provided many MANY of those nostalgic cereals devoted to children. I remember liking it for some reason, but I guess it was listed as one of the worse tasting cereals (being in the top ten) ever made. look on the wiki page for yourself  to see the harsh comments: "if you prefer good taste to gimmicks, you might want to stay away from this technicolor treat." (ouch)
Now skipping the fact it didn't work because they didn't have enough variety in comic strips, taste and over all marketing, the cereal is still a great idea.  If only they worked out better selection of comics (some originals) and better tasting cereal they would stay to this day. I think the concept is great and wish there was more like it. maybe marvel or dc should consider this as one of there future product ideas.

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